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THE INTERNATIONAL MERIDIONAL SHIPPING TOGO (IMS-TOGO) is a Togolese law company specialized in maritime transports, consignment and vessels freighting as well as in forwarding activities. The principal promoter, Mr. BITOKA G. Homba-Nimana is a Togolese. Administrator in business-science and certified coach of Africa, he is Business Developer and doctoring in African coaching. Having many qualifications in maritime transport field, he has worked for many years (28 years) as a maritime senior executive in the great ship consignment companies, forwarding and containers transportation towards the Sahel countries (BURKINA-FASO, NIGER, MALI, etc…).

With his back ground, his expertise, his proven competence and lot of contacts, he has decided since January 2010 to create the company called IMS-TOGO, to reply to a vocation and to give satisfaction to a demand more and more requiring.


IMS-TOGO ( has worked in maritime and port activities for at least five years with renowned partners such as ZARA TRANSIT (, SILS SHIPPING (, all based in Ivory Coast, without forgotten TG COM BURKINA ( After these periods of observation IMS-TOGO has been judged worth by the state of Togo and has been awarded on September 22nd 2016 an approval to work.

The head office of IMS-TOGO is situated in Lomé in the port area and its offices are located in the sumptuous setting building SANECOM facing SGMT Company. A team of five (5) senior executives, four mastered agents and ten (10) executive ones are the human resources in charge of the daily management tusks under the leadership of coach BITOKA. This team combines professionalism, dynamism and experience. Some occasional maritime agents are recruited during the vessels stopping to give a support to the handling operations. The vision of the head management is to make this company one of the important maritime Agency of Togo port platform.




As a consignee, IMS-TOGO is the mandatory of the ship-owner. In this regard, it acts on behalf of and for the reckoning of its principal, for the needs of the ship and for what it transports. The consignee realizes then all operations that the ship-owner would execute by him-self if he was local or to which the captain could proceed. As a maritime agent, the consignee is also in charge for the negotiation and the conclusion of contracts, finances management, freight research, upsetting of a commercial policy and relationship with the port authorities and this, in the area it concerned.

Regarding to forwarding activities, IMS-TOGO is specialist in the international transport field and have the duty to organize the transportation in accordance to the standard industry. The actions are to inform you, to advise you and to fill all the necessary documentation for a good process of your expedition. Having a regular negotiation with different countries, we know requires of each one. We are experts in all that is related to the transportation field. In addition to the custom clearance services, we offer a complete range of service in international transportation. Among these offering services, we have: .

  • The mode of choice of transport adapted to your needs ;
  • Maritime containers grouping and air transport ;
  • Specialized transport facilities for dangerous items, fragile or oversized ;
  • Door to door deliverance guarantee ;
  • All coverage assurance risk ;
  • Renowned experience by great financial institutions in matter of letter for credit ;
  • Storage in short, middle or long term ;
  • Inventories control.
  • Le coach Bitoka
    Directeur General

  • Otto König
    Representant en Europe

  • B.Donatien
    Expert Maritime

  • B. Rima
    Assistante adminitrative

  • B. Komlan.
    Declarant en Douane

  • B.Toussaint.
    Declarant en Douane

  • T.Dissi

  • Evariste W.


Besides, having acquired by years a solid experience in the documentation, we are able t to fill your different documents necessary for transportation and for goods custom clearance. Today, the whole world manifests an interest to African continent where there is future for the blue economy. The ship-owners have their eyes turned towards Africa. African leaders are working hard by setting up the best strategies for the facade maritime safety and port installations of their respective countries to make them more competitive. The African Union summit that has been held from the 10th to 15th October 2016 in the Togolese capital on maritime safety and development in Africa and which has gathered many head of states and governments is a proof of this general infatuation.

In this sight, all the African economies aim at the growth of exchanges, the amelioration of the trade deficit. Then, Sea offers favorable opportunities for the investors who seize the occasions and position here and there. The Gulf of Guinea attracts more and more sailors and the port of Lomé, the only one with deep water of the south region considered as a natural hub for many ship-owners. The future and up growing of our company remain tributary of this favorable environment.

For these reasons, IMS-TOGO has undertaken the joining process to the great leader world maritime Group with the only ambition to develop a further winning for winner partnership. By choosing IMS-TOGO as ship consignee and main Agency in Lomé, you show clear sightedness and discernment by opting for reliability, professionalism and the promptness of the operations, because the future belongs to visionaries and IMS-TOGO is really bearer of a vision: that to offer a qualified service as requires the maritime world.



IMS-TOGO ( has worked in maritime and port activities for at least five years with renowned partners such as ZARA TRANSIT (, SILS SHIPPING (, all based in Ivory Coast, without forgotten TG COM BURKINA (